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Are you prepared to mature and grow in your faith? Live out your calling as a follower of Jesus? Do you want to see the image of God in every person? Contribute to the sustainability of local, ongoing ministry efforts?


Jesus called His disciples to the farthest corners of the known world, and He calls us, who are His children, to do likewise.  God chooses to send some to foreign lands and others He calls to stay behind in the home country to support those who go out practically and spiritually. 

However, if you talk to missionaries, seeing the Spirit working through those on a mission trip is so rewarding and encouraging.  Serving in the mission field together has a way of fusing bonds that can last a lifetime. Starting out as fellow believers…yet ending up as true brothers and sisters.   



A Short-Term Mission Trip is defined as a group of people sent out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a particular region. Accomplished through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, outreach and social events, and construction projects.


Functioning as a “receiving facility” for short-term mission teams from churches

and other groups, our Mission House exemplifies our goal as a ministry.


We have four dorm rooms that accommodate twenty-five people,

a full kitchen, and an area for dinning and or meetings.

99plus1 Ministries has safe and secure parking and is centrally locate

in San Felipe with a short ten-minute walk to most everything. 


Whether you have your own contacts and mission already scheduled or need

help planning one, 99plus1 Ministries can be your “mission’s base” and work

with you and your team in completing your vision for your trip. Areas of

ministry opportunity may include, but are not limited to, working with local

churches, orphanage, men’s and women’s rehabilitation centers, or the

general community of San Felipe in a construction project, VBS, Bible Studies,

or street evangelism.


Do you have a desire to edify your church with a marriage conference, apologetics seminar, or the like? Our meeting room can be utilized for your next seminar or conference. With seating capacity for 25 with tables and up to 40 with only chairs, our meeting room can be converted into a classroom for your next seminar, conference or workshop.


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