Working Forward at Sonshine Hacienda Orphanage

It is exciting to continue seeing the project move forward.  With John’s recent travels Bonnie and Karen Lewis (Marketplace Missions) has been handling the day to day oversight.  They capable ladies have done a marvelous job of keeping the work moving.  Upstairs the painting is almost completely done thanks to many hands from Mexican and American communities.  The next step upstairs will be to install the grid ceiling framework.  Meanwhile downstairs, Brothers Leo and Samuel arecare taker shower2 care taker shower1moving forward with the tiling in the care-taker apartments.  One is now completely tiled and one is in process.  Now that the majority of the major construction is done, another group of individuals and the men from Nueva Cancion cleaned up the rubble and trash that has built up since the last “clean sweep”.  The building seems to transform almost daily.  A Canadian family approached Marketplace with an offer to build and install the second floor safety railing.  This will set off the building beautifully when in place. The tile to continue with the other rooms is one site and will be the next set of objectives. The material to trim out the windows has also been purchaced so that part can continue to advance as well.  A bid for the air conditioners has been accepted and delivery should start within a week or two with installation soon to follow.  It is difficult to mention all of the “littler” jobs that are being advanced.  We ask that you continue to pray for the movement toward completion of this badly needed facility in San Felipe.

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