Hillside Church – Antioch, CA

The April mission team from Hillside met with some obstacles in procuring supplies in Southern California.  It seems it really doesn’t rain in Southern Califonia.  They couldn’t find gutters in El Centro or in Mexicali.  They were able to find all of the connectors just no channel.  But not to be thwarted from a successful mission trip, they spent the week putting in the underground drain system and the “French Drain” which will keep the lot and the bakery from flooding with the major rain storms we occasionally get that I will never admit to having.  It is good to have that much of the project completed.  God is good and in His timing the rest will be done.  The Hillside team, 99 Plus 1staff, and Unidos en Cristo members joined together to do a 3-day children’s outreach with at a new evangelism location where “Unidos en Cristo is working weekly in the community.  The Hillside team brought some “new” games which the children really enjoyed.  The last day ended with a piñata fiesta.  ¡Viva México!

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